The majority of my previous work has centered around the influences that engagement, individual differences, and task factors have on performance.  To assess this, we have utilized different puzzles and games, typical classroom learning tasks, and canonical cognitive psychology paradigms.  Our participants often engage in a task and then provide self-reported responses to a variety of individual differences measures.  By manipulating the task difficulty, goals, and instructions, we are able to determine the combinations of factors that procure the best performance from our participants.

The ultimate goal of our research is to develop an integrated theoretical grounding from which practitioners (including teachers, coaches, managers and other human subjects researchers) can develop a set of best practices to help improve performance of their students, athletes, employees or participants.

Each quarter, I oversee a group of undergraduate Research Assistants who are responsible for working directly with our participants.  These students are indispensable, and I am eternally grateful for their contributions to this research!

Team SGG!
The UCSC CogMod Lab: Winter 2015
The UCSC CogMod Lab: Winter 2015

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