How does who you are interact with what you’re doing
to impact how (and how well) you do it?

In a broad sense, I’m interested in the way that individual differences interact with task factors to influence performance. This work is oriented toward helping educators, coaches, managers, human subjects researchers (and other people who work with people) appreciate and make informed decisions about the best and most impactful practices to motivate improved performance.

What kinds of individual differences?
Motivation, mindset, goal orientation, beliefs, experience, preference

What kinds of task factors?
Difficulty, goals & objectives, modality (digital, tangible), instructions, feedback, desirable difficulties

What kinds of tasks?
Puzzles, games, standard educational tasks (e.g. reading comprehension, problem solving), canonical cognitive psychology tasks (e.g. visual-motor SR tasks)

For a description of what I’m currently working on, click here!

I work closely alongside undergraduate researchers in the development, execution, and interpretation of this research.  These motivated and insightful students are an integral part of a successful research program.  Fisher students or outside researchers who may be interested in partnering on a future research project should contact me at or stop by my office (Pioch 103-A)!

The UCSC CogMod Lab: Winter 2015
The UCSC CogMod Lab: Winter 2015