Current & Upcoming Courses

Fall 2019 Courses

Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 100C-02): MWF 9:05AM – 10:00AM

Advanced Statistics (PSYC 204): TR 11:00AM – 12:20PM

Cognitive Processes (PSYC 282): MWF 10:10AM – 11:05AM

Career Planning & Exploration (PSYC 290): W 12:20PM – 1:15PM

Seminar: Motivation & Engagement (PSYC 407): MW 2:30PM – 3:50PM

First Year Seminar (ITDY 101-06): M 4:40PM-5:35PM

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Spring 2020 Courses

Advanced Statistics (PSYC 204): MWF 9:05AM – 10:00AM

Cognitive Processes (PSYC 282): MW 2:30PM – 3:50PM

Cognitive Processes Lab (PSYC 382): MWF 10:10AM – 11:05AM